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Caring for Your Critters Lifelong Health and Wellness

An Aussie retriever being petted

Your pet’s customized preventive care and wellness plan will provide you with suggestions and recommendations to keep your critter purring, playing, and enjoying a long and healthy life!

During your wellness and preventive appointments, we’ll get to know your pets—from tail to nose, beak to talon, and baby to senior. That's why, from your very first appointment, our dedicated team prioritizes fostering a partnership for the lifelong care of your critters. And since you know your pets best, we see these appointments as an opportunity for a one-on-one care discussion, answering any and all questions you may have.

The Wellness Exam What To Expect

We look forward to seeing your family for your pet’s routine check-ups. During your visit, Dr. Valerius and our team will do a complete physical exam customized for your critter, discuss parasite prevention, and administer any necessary vaccines with care. Throughout the exam, we’ll ask about your pet’s full history before making suggestions for their nutrition, dental care, heartworm and parasite control, diagnostics, or other care guidelines for your pet.

A vet tech examining a guinea pig

Your Pet’s Wellness and Preventive Schedule

Depending on the type of critter, the frequency of your pet’s wellness exams ranges from every six months to every year. These important visits do more than just keep your pets on schedule for their vaccines and parasite prevention. They can also help us catch any potential issues early, which leads to more effective treatment, increasing the chances of a full recovery or successful management of the condition.

Vaccination Schedules

  • Vaccinations help prevent illnesses and diseases.
  • Your pet’s vaccination schedule is based on breed, lifestyle, and age.
  • We create vaccinations schedules for cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, skunks, racoons, foxes, and other species.


  • We may suggest regular blood work for mammals, reptiles, and birds to screen for illnesses and diseases.
  • Help us investigate organ and body systems more deeply than a physical exam.


  • Microchipping is available for pet safety and your peace of mind. It can be done on most species.

Happy. Healthy. Loved

Your pet’s quality of life is our priority. Give us a call at (614) 305-2085, text us at (614) 412-2146, or use our online portal to schedule your critter’s first wellness and preventive appointment today.