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Compassionate And Experienced Cancer Treatment

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At All Critters Veterinary Hospital, we have experience providing a diagnosis, prognosis, and cancer treatment for cats, dogs, and ferrets. Whether we provide the initial diagnosis or someone else does, we will walk you through everything, review options, and answer questions. If your referral does come from another practice, Dr. Valerius and our veterinary team will work closely with your regular veterinarian throughout the process.

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Treatment Options for Our Critter Patients

After our team uses advanced in-house diagnostics to determine if it’s cancer, we will work closely with your family to create a treatment plan. Our plans vary based on the pet, the diagnosis, and the financial situation—we will always work with you to identify what is best for you and your pet. Some of our treatment options include:

Chemotherapy—Your Options

To ensure you and your critter get the best care, both how and where it would make them the most comfortable, we offer various options for your critter’s chemotherapy treatment. We have our in-hospital treatments or some oral medications that your pet can take at home.

To help pet owners and veterinarians decide on how to best treat cancer in pets, the American Animal Hospital Association’s “Top 6 Things You Need To Know About AAHA’s Oncology Guidelines” serves as an excellent guide and resource.

With You Every Step Of the Way

Our veterinary team is ready to help your family get answers and help care for your pet. Give us a call, send us a text, or request an appointment via our online portal, and we’ll get your critter in with our team.